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Choosing Joy

2010 July 27

Linda J

Choosing Joy
The Feeling of great happiness or pleasure, known as joy, comes to us in different ways.
People seem to almost stand in line to hold a newborn baby. There are big burly guys
who smile ear to ear as they make goo goo sounds at babies. That’s joy! Small children,
teenagers and women as well experience great joy when in contact with a baby. The
thrill of seeing one’s children and grandchildren obey the Lord in baptism is a
source of joy also. These events are what I think of as “easy joy”. It seems so
natural that it is hard to feel otherwise.

When things in life don’t go the way we want is the time to choose joy rather than just
letting it happen. Some of the best examples of choosing joy have come to me from
Christian ladies. One of these ladies was Norma Kilgore. Norma was a victim of cancer
which required surgery many times. One time, after yet another surgery, she was
reported by the nurse on duty to have been singing hymns and praise to God in the
middle of the night. Who can be so joyful when in pain? I think knowing God is in
control gave Norma her reason to rejoice. Psalms 100 and Philippians 4:4 should re-
assure us as well.

Teen Cleveland is another person who has impressed many in spite of numerous physical
problems. One thing I was impresed by was her joy at going home. She said it didn’t
matter if she went home to her Colorado Springs address or to her permanent home with
God. Her joy comes from knowing God will never leave her nor forsake her. He promised
his people this very thing in Deuteronomy 31:6 and Hebrews 13:5.

Joy is another gift from God regardless of the form it takes. Let’s choose this day
to be joyful!

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