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Consideration Form

2015 March 15
by John H

Part of the process of building the new building is to understand what the fundraising capacity of  the congregation is.  To that end, the Elders have asked the congregation to fill out Consideration Cards by Sunday, March 29th, 2015.

The purpose of the consideration card is to give the Elders an idea about how much total funding is available for the new building project.  Based on these responses, the building team will adjust the total size of the new building, and present a concrete plan for completion of building.

This process helps the Elders to “count the costs” of the new building, before formally collecting funds towards the building and beginning to work with a General Contractor.

If you’d like to download and fill out the Consideration Card from home, there’s a link for it below. Please contact John Hamilton or Alton Parrish if you have any questions!

Mountain View New Building Consideration Card

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