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Loving is a Commandment

2010 November 15
by Roberta B


When electricity was in its infancy, people tried every way possible to make life easier with it. The household iron became a tool that could be heated via a cord plugged into an electrical outlet. Before electricity, this heavy iron with a handle had to be heated by the fire. The new electric iron meant no more ironing, running to the wood stove to heat it, and then iron a little longer, etc. This was a dream for every housewife.

Since electricity was in limited supply, there was a strain on a small town’s new energy source. In some small towns, it was decided to take action about what the ladies were doing, and so it was decided that all electric irons in town had to be locked up at night. Housewives were assigned hours they could use their irons and afterwards had to deliver them to the town bank, where the irons would be locked in the vault until the following morning. That way the supply of electricity could be built up overnight. Then the irons could be picked up during the day at allotted times.

The lesson here is that if we have a limited supply of love for others, it is locked away so it is only available when needed. If the supply of love has built up sufficiently, then it is useable. But if there has been a drain on the supply, it is unplugged and unavailable. Love is locked up and won’t be available until there is sufficient supply.

Paul tells us that love never fails. It will never need to be unplugged because the supply God gives our hearts is endless. Loving others is the greatest commandment we have as Christians. Christ said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Paul said, “Of hope, faith, and love, love is the greatest.”

In Hebrews 13:1, we are told to keep on loving each other as brothers. In I John 5:2, “We know that we are children of God by loving him and carrying out his commandments.” So loving others and loving God is a commandment and should be in endless supply.

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